Free pregnancy testing

Pregnancy tests are based on the measurement of a hormone known as hCG in the urine (or blood) of a pregnant woman. At Reflect we use a urinary pregnancy test that is effective a few days after your period is due. Therefore tests done before you are at least 3 days late for your period may be ineffective. The tests only take around 3 minutes so waiting is minimal.

To do a pregnancy test, a urine sample from the woman is needed which is preferably an early morning sample. If you do not have any containers (sealable jar/bottle/tub), you can either pick one up from Reflect or the urine sample can be done at the centre. A positive test result indicates that you are pregnant but you are strongly advised to get this checked with a healthcare professional.

Following a pregnancy test at Reflect, a trained volunteer will discuss with you the outcome and offer you further support.

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