Post Termination

We provide free care & support giving you space to share and work through your emotions after having a termination.

Post Termination Support

If you have had a termination of pregnancy you may experience a variety of emotions; some may be unsettling and some may not surface until months or even years later. Reflect can help you work through these emotions.

Few women easily choose to have an abortion, or a termination for medical reasons. Afterwards you may be struggling with feelings of grief, guilt, shame, loss, anxiety or depression. Abortion can leave you feeling empty.

However you are feeling now, Reflect can give you the time and space to listen as you share your experience in a safe and compassionate environment. We can help you work through your emotions that surround your decision and loss. We allow you time to express your pain, anger and hurt and will support you for as long as you feel it necessary.

We uniquely offer ‘Reflections: Walking through loss’- A structured support programme for post-abortion healing. This course will help you to explore the emotional, physical and spiritual effects of your experience. ‘Reflections’ can help you work through your feelings of guilt, shame, anger, grief and numbness. We want to give you hope of coming to a place of forgiveness and acceptance and being able to move forward.

‘Reflections: Walking through loss’ has 10-steps and usually takes about 12 sessions over 4-6 months. However, the course is flexible to meet your needs and there is no time limit to work through it. This has proven to be life-changing for many who have completed the programme at Reflect. We offer this programme to individuals and couples on a one-to-one basis.

Before starting [Reflections] I was very depressed and angry. Over the past 7 months I have learnt a lot about myself and my abortion process. Without Reflect I would not be where I am now. I definitely feel it has benefited me in every way and I am glad I was brave enough to get help.

I would definitely recommend Reflect to others as I believe they could help them as it has helped me. Reflect has helped me recognise the different steps I needed to go through in order to recover from my abortion, helped me realise many things about myself and I feel I am a better person for it. Although I will never forget my abortion, this course has helped me realise not to forget, but to "manage my feelings" and I now feel the future looks "bright".

We start 'Reflections: Walking through loss' no sooner than 3 months following your abortion. This is to give your body the chance to recover physically and your hormones time to settle. If your termination was less than 3 months ago and you would like someone to talk to, please do contact Reflect as we can offer you one or more listening sessions. These sessions will give you the opportunity to share your experience, and we can give you some strategies for coping day to day with your emotions. These sessions can occur prior to starting 'Reflections: Walking through loss', or as stand alone appointments.

If you would like to work through this difficult experience Reflect are here to help. We provide free, confidential support for women, men and couples.

We are committed…
…to provide a confidential* service to all clients
…to provide care and support to those who have experienced a termination of pregnancy
…to do this in a caring, safe and supportive environment; always being truthful and respecting every individual
…and at all times offer hope.

Our free support service is available to anyone living in North Yorkshire.

We are able to offer remote support via telephone and video calls, as well as in-person appointments.

Our centres are currently in York, Harrogate, Selby and Thirsk. In addition to our centres we now also have availability to book counselling rooms in Northallerton.

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*All our support is confidential; therefore it will not be shared with anyone outside of the organisation (unless in the rare case you disclose something that indicates you or someone else is at risk of harm. We may then have to inform someone, but you will be kept fully aware of any actions we take, unless there is a risk to ourselves, or someone else, in doing so.)